CNC Turning Centers

CNC Swiss Type Sliding Headstock Turning Centers

Hanwha XD35H
Hanwha XD20
Tornos ST 26
Tornos Delta 20/5
Star ECAS 20
Hanwha XP16S
Tsugami Swiss Turn BL 18
Citizen M20
Citizen L25
Tornos Deco 2000/13
Citizen A20
Citizen L20E
Citizen L32
Guildemeister GLD25

CNC Single Spindle Turret Machines

Citizen F12 Twin Turrets
Guildemeister CTX 200 serie 2
Guildemeister Twin 42

CNC turn mill centers

Mazak Smart
Mazak NEXUS 100-II M
Unamuno Optima 26

CNC Lathes

Wasino LJ CNC Lathe

2 Axis CNC Turning Centers

Multi Spindle Machines

Tornos SAS 16.6
Index MS 25
Tornos MultiDeco 20/8

Multi spindle Machines are used for continuous and mass production of components. Multi Spindle Automatic Lathes can provide various types of machining such as boring, turning, chamfering, threading, grooving, and drilling by moving the workpieces between 6 or 8 stations(machining position). This enables us to realize overwhelmingly fast cycle time by dividing into 6 or 8 processes. Generally Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe can provide approx. 4-5 times better machining speed comparing to the Single Spindle NC Lathe.

CNC Milling Centers

VK 55 CNC Milling Machine

CNC Milling Machine

Tool Grinding Machines

Walter Helitronic Tool Grinder

The tools needed for our production machines, which are not commercially are designed and manufactured using CNC grinding machines in our Tool Making Department. These includes multiple level drillers, customized profile tools and other cutting tools can be manufactured efficiently.

Cam Operated Swiss type Automatic Lathes

Our Cam Operated Swiss Type Auto Lathes are used for low cost and high Volume production. These are single spindle automatic screw machines, equipped with bar feeders, which are used to produce precision components with close tolerances and surface finishes.

In addition to turning, various secondary operations are also performed.

Cam sets required for operation of these conventional machines are manufactured in-house.